The Lost Garden....May 2017

April 30, 2017

The Lost Garden....May 2017


May Day in Aberglasney...

What a joyous surprise our visit to this wonderful place was!  

We headed off down the M4 towards Camarthan in Izzy's little Fiat 500.  Our first long-ish journey in Luigi (He's a city car at heart, after all)! I'm usually at the wheel but it was nice to be a passenger for a change.

Our trusty phones act as Sat Nav, which I have to say on every other occasion have always got us to where we want to go.  You notice I used the word other.....yes, not today!  We ended up at a field, apparently named Aberglansey?!

Twenty minutes later and on the other side of the A48, we arrived.

Aberglasney is a house & garden that has an interesting history, from the 1970s, the house and garden remained cloaked by a curtain of green.  In 1995 the restoration started and in 1999 the house and garden was opened to the public.  Find more info here!

I've always had a passion for walled gardens and this didn't disappoint. I don't really know why I feel so blissfully happy when wandering around these wonderful places.  The craggy old walls, the symmetry of the planting, the hush from the wind,  so many things that make these places special to me.

The garden has a wonderful peacefulness, its quite away from any busy roads with spectacular scenery surrounding it.  Apart from a little tearoom and very inconspicuious shop, its very un-commercialsied. 

We wandered through the open doors, along a path that meandered through a bluebell meadow, through the shady garden, with its prehistoric looking tree ferns and up to the most colourful part of the garden, the Azalea garden. Here it was an absolute riot of colour, so unexpected.....this placed has been so well planned and designed,  a real feast for the eyes! 

We're loving colour in Nest at the moment.  Our gorgeous fuchsia pink flamingo partyware has been popular, you can't help but smile when being asked to 'Let's Flamingle!  A new delivery of our favourite Rifle Paper Co stationary always creates a stir with the Nest girls! 

We'd definitely recommend a visit to Aberglasney!




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