Seville: there's more than oranges! July 2016

May 03, 2017

Seville: there's more than oranges! July 2016

Seville, July 2016

During a week long holiday to the south of Spain, Izzy and I decided to spend an overnight stop in Seville.

I can't say its somewhere that was particularily on my radar of places to visit, but being in the area it seemed a shame not to see what this place had to offer!

We stayed in a small hotel in the centre of the old town.  When booking this overnight stop we were delighted to find a hotel with parking, not something that's easy to find in these type of areas within cities.

We now know why!

With our trusty sat nav in hand again we typed in the hotels details and set off in the hire car.

The journey was fairly easy most of the way, then we reached the outskirts of the old town.

Izzy on navigation along with a persistant Sally sat nav and me at the wheel, we head on.

With every turn the walls seemed to be closing in, 'are you sure this is a road!?' At this point I was very glad I had paid the excess insurance on the hire car... on the next turn I questioned whether it would cover knocking over twenty parked scooters! 

Finally Sally announced we had arrived at our destination.  A narrow lane which there was no way I could attempt to do a three point turn in!  

Where was the bloody car park?!

Izzy jumped out and headed into reception, I buried my head in my hands trying not to think about how we were going to get out of there!

Out came Izzy followed by the receptionist holding what looked like a remote control...

At this point the only thing I was expecting was a giant robotic hand to be hoisting me up onto the roof!!

She pointed the control at a rusty roller door right next to me...the door revealed a lift door which opened and which the receptionist was ushering me to enter.

How was I going to get the car in the right position to drive in....I was almost crying!

What were my options, driving back through the hair raising roads/lanes! or driving myself (no trusty daughter) into what felt like a double layered metal coffin.  Of course I took the second option.

After what seemed like a 50 point turn I managed to crawl the car into the metal box.  I I was concentrating so much to not hit the side walls of the lift, that I didn't realise the lights in the lift weren't working... As the door finally closed, I was in complete darkness and not moving.

I realised, after having a slight panic attack, that there was probably a button on the side of the wall of the lift that I had to press!

I scrabbled around for my phone to get some light.  I shined the phone on the walls of the lift to see if i could see the button..... at last lower ground it was.

Eventually the lift door opened revealing a light-filled parking area and Izzy looking more than a little relieved!

Seville itself was just gorgeous. Our highlight was the Real Alcazár palace - it was tile heaven! And the gardens were stunning, too. Here are a few pictures...




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