Nest Adventures - The beginning....

April 08, 2017

Nest Adventures - The beginning....

Welcome to the travel adventures of me, Mrs Nest (Anna)  and my far more adventurous daughter, Little Miss Nest (Izzy).  

Anna : I'm 48 and the owner of Nest.  I have been running my business in Rhiwbina since November 2010.  Before this I worked as Nursery nurse, I've always had a love and need for being creative.  Styling my house, floristry, designing gardens at home and at Rhiwbina school where I worked for nearly ten years.

Izzy : I'm 23 and Mum's co-pilot on the Nest adventure. I studied French and Italian at University, so travelling lots kind of comes with the territory. I'm an aspiring lawyer but I love going to trade shows and coming up with bonkers ideas with Mum for the shop.

Long before Nest became a reality, Izzy and I have always enjoyed our girly trips away.  We share a passion for travel, food, architecture, gardens, Art and of course shopping! We love nothing more than going off piste!, finding little back streets, mountain villages and hidden corners of towns & cities where true treasures often lie.

I relish these times I spend with my gorgeous girl. Travelling with someone who is so like yourself in so many ways, but seeing things from a different generation's perspective is enlightening.

Of course all of this is in the name of research you must know!  Well, maybe not all, but inspiration for new products, ideas & displays often come from our travels. I have been known to ship products back to Nest HQ whilst still in another country and finding most have been sold before I get back!

We will share our travels together, along with the ones we go on with others.  

To start with, we thought we'd share some of the places we have visited over the last couple of years and our plans for this year's adventures.

When I say travels, it's not always to another country.  We love Wales and the rest of the UK, especially West Wales, Brecon Beacons and the Cotswolds to name a few. But Europe, especially Italy is probably our favourite! 







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